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Enabling New Materials in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Introducing our Newest Material - We can now print in copper!

Visit our booth to check out our latest innovations in materials and view our copper parts. 
Speak with one of our experts about how manufacturer Schneider Electric, producer of 40,000 contactors a day in Le Vaudreuil, Normandy, integrated this copper inductor into their production line.


Support Free AND Hassle Free 
Additively Manufactured Static Mixer


Using a unique combination of fine powder and a roller spreading system, the FormUp 350 can print elements far below the standard 45-degree rule in AM, without supports

These extreme overhangs are possible straight out of the box and hassle free! No special downskin parameters in certain areas, and no slowing down the process! 

Want to know the best part?
AddUp’s approach is to provide their customers an open set of parameters. There are no custom developed parameters boxed up and hidden from the user. AddUp engineers have developed parameters for fine powder to be robust across a multitude of applications, but if further modifications are needed, the knobs are available to turn. This allows users the opportunity to modify parameters if they wish.

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The Traceability You Need

AddUp Introduces...
A suite of Monitoring Software to close the loop on your AM process

AddUp Dashboards
Meltpool Monitoring
Recoat Monitoring

AddUp Dashboards

AddUp Dashboards is the monitoring software that comes as an option with AddUp machines. It collects all production data in real time and presents it as dashboards tailored to the needs of different users.

This software stores data from every build and the historical data is available for viewing with just a simple click. Using this software, users can see a complete history of each machine including basic information like how many builds have been completed all the way down to each individual layer for any given print. 

Fully configurable, capable of emitting different alarms, AddUp Dashboards will help you improve the efficiency of your manufacturing, conduct analysis in case of defects on a part, and monitor a workshop composed of several machines.

Meltpool Monitoring

Meltpool monitoring provides visibility of printing execution at the microscopic scale. Several parameters are measured at very high frequency, such as the position of the laser spot, the power actually delivered and the emissivity of the melt pool. This data is available in real time.

This system makes it possible to characterize any defects without destroying the part, which is beneficial for unique one-off builds. And in the case of mass production, it can be used to create a footprint to serve as a point of comparison for all future production builds.

Recoat Monitoring

The Recoat Monitoring system checks the homogeneity of the powder bed, revealing possible deposits or lack of powder. This system proactively triggers a correction sequence when needed to make sure the powder bed is nice and smooth before melting. One of the key elements in the Monitoring AddUp offer is the analysis of the quality of the layering which can proactively corrects faults during production.

Operating on a closed loop principle, this analysis during production checks the homogeneity of the powder bed, revealing the possible presence of deposits or lack of powder. The algorithms developed by AddUp allow users to assign a score and trigger a correction sequence when necessary.

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