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Thursday, March 10, 2022
10am PT | 1pm ET 


AddUp Dashboards

A New Multi-Scale Monitoring Software

AM offers many reasons to be top of mind across a variety of industries. However, a gap exists on the path to mass adoption of this technology: quality assurance. When a part is produced via AM, many post-production inspections must occur to ensure its conformity and compliance with geometric tolerances, its level of porosity, detection of defects and its reproducibility. These checks are often expensive and lengthy which can impact lead time and productivity.

AddUp is working to close this gap thanks to the launch of a new monitoring software called AddUp Dashboards. This software can help lessen the need for rigorous testing after a part is printed by providing the confidence you need in build quality.

Join our live webinar to see how AddUp Dashboards can provide you a clear picture of both real-time and historic process data for your fleet of AM machines! Dashboards provides you access to: 

  • Monitoring data for more than 80 process parameters
  • A fully customizable display to showcase the information most important to you
  • A hassle-free alerting system to stay informed of status changes
  • A digital software solution compatible across your Industry 4.0 platforms



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