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Subject: Machine Connectivity And Machine Integration

with Mathieu Roche, Marketing & Technology Manager at AddUp

November 15, 2022, AM4U stage 

 10:40am – 11:16am


Learn how OPC-UA helped improve control of Additive Manufacturing productions and created the foundation for AddUp's Quality Assurance solution.
Since June 2020, AddUp's PBF & DED have been compatible with many major industrial protocols, including OPC-UA. With many sensors on AddUp machines, OPC-UA has helped improve real-time decisions during production while offering structured and secured data exchanges. Thanks to monitoring solutions such as AddUp Dashboards, which rely on different protocols, including OPC-UA, AddUp, and its customers can access Quality Assurance-oriented monitoring solutions.

Mathieu Roche is the Marketing & Technology Manager for AddUp Company. After more than 15 years in technological manufacturing and a successful mission as Software Product Manager for the company, he is now responsible for AddUp marketing and roadmaps vision.


Subject: Closing the gap for mass AM adoption with quality assurance monitoring software

with Nick Estock, Director of Business Development at AddUp

November 17, 2022, Introducing stage 

 4:00pm - 4:20pm


AM, and more particularly, PBF, is well suited for the use of monitoring solutions during production. Unlike conventional manufacturing processes, the successive fusions of thin layers of material offer a unique perspective on the state of the part during manufacturing. The use of monitoring solutions during the process could take the place, or at least reduce, the amount of post-production inspections that are needed and provide an increased confidence in build quality. This type of software innovation will be instrumental in driving AM forward into industrialization.

AddUp is working to close the gap with a full suite of quality assurance monitoring software to lessen, or even eliminate, the need for rigorous testing after a part is printed. The software suite has 3 key elements. The first is a macro view of what is occurring inside the machine, visualized on an intuitive platform called AddUp Dashboards. Next is analyzing the execution of the production on a microscopic scale using Meltpool Monitoring to measuring dozens of parameters at a very high frequency. Lastly, Recoat Monitoring verifies and proactively corrects the powder bed during production, automatically.

The 3 key elements discussed in this presentation will help accelerate the adoption of AM technology not only by giving confidence in the quality of parts without defects in limited run applications but in mass production of AM parts.

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A suite of Monitoring Software to close the loop on your AM process

AddUp Dashboards
A multi-scale monitoring software that offers a clear picture of both real time and historic process data and presents it in an easy-to-read dashboard view. 

Meltpool Monitoring
Meltpool monitoring is designed to analyze the printing process on a microscopic scale. Users can see anomalies which may have occurred during the printing process.

Recoat Monitoring
The Recoat Monitoring system checks the homogeneity of the powder bed, revealing possible deposits or lack of powder. 

Real-Time & Historical Data at your Fingertips

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NEW AddUp Solution Center


– A 20,000 sq.ft. digital manufacturing facility
– Dedicated AM workspaces including:
         – 6 FormUp Powder Bed Fusion machines
         – BeAM Modulo 400 Directed Energy Deposition machine
         – BeAM Magic 800 Directed Energy Deposition machine
– Post-Process Machining Department
– Metallurgical Lab
– Metrology Quality Lab
– Certified to ISO 9001 and AS 9100
– ITAR and CMMC compliant

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