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Optimize your production of metal parts

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to reach new production possibilities.

But do you know why PBF (Powder Bed Fusion) technology is currently the top metal additive manufacturing technology in the world?

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What do I get?

Additive manufacturing always seems to create new technologies. It’s a sign of strong innovation, but also a wealth of time spent studying many technologies that will not necessarily meet your needs.

In this downloadable presentation, you will have an exhaustive vision of the most used technology in the world. This will give you access to a real tool to understand the relevance of the PBF process in modern industry.


Why use PBF?

As a manufacturer of additive machines and producer of 3D printed metal parts, we believe that securing your investment over the long term is a top priority.

It is above all a guarantee of quality and controlled performance for your customers. At AddUp, it is vital that your customers are as satisfied as you are.

Our commitment

We have taken it to heart to measure our own performance and processes as if we were in your place.
We work tirelessly to improve our performance and bring you the fruit of our hard work.


Now, it's your turn!

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